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What an IBS Maintenance and Service Contract amounts to is this. For a very modest sum, you get a maintenance and report system which is tailored to the exact requirements of your organisation.

The contract includes the repair and replacement of new and existing systems - either blinds or curtains. And it operates over a fixed term at a fixed cost.

Within the terms of the contract, our highly professional fitters will inspect contract equipment on a weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis.

In the first place, this ensures that all systems are operating correctly. And in the second place it means that any damage is not aggravated by operating faulty systems.

With our stage systems contract we provide a comprehensive safety check of all electrical installations, i.e. plugs, lights, sockets etcetera.

This includes a check of fixed and portable appliances, in accordance with the IE 16th Edition Standard and Health & Safety Recommendations.

A Maintenance & Service Contract with lBS guarantees overall economy and efficiency of your blinds, curtains and stage systems. Not to mention the peace of mind in respect of the health and safety of staff, pupils or patients.


We manufacture and fit all types of window blind. From standard office window blinds to blinds for the largest glazed atrium. From light-filter to blackout. From one pair of curtains to full stage systems. Either manual, electric or automatic operation.

Vertical Blinds. Venetian Blinds. Roller Blinds. Blackout Blinds. Curtains & Tracks.

We design, manufacture and fit blinds to any size you need them. Better still, we do it on time, on spec and on budget.