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North London Blue Chip Company

The project requirements:

1. To reduce solar glare directly onto PC screens, giving operators a more user friendly and safer environment in which to work.

2. To reduce solar heat gain - both radiated and direct - to cut the cost-burden of running air conditioning.

3. To give privacy to staff when working later in the day, when natural light has faded.

4. To blend into the existing curtain walling and not appear as an afterthought.

5. To be user friendly in operation, while retaining the view of the lake outside.

The solutions:

(a) We chose a fabric which reflects solar glare up to 83%, thus giving clear vision of PC monitors. This reduces eye-strain and the possibility of headaches, etcetera, which are associated with long-term glare on screens.

(b) Again, because the fabric reflects the sun's rays, direct and radiated heat is reduced and produces comfortable working conditions. The result is a healthy working environment and a reduction in the building's running costs.

(c) The fabric has a 3% openness factor which gives the required privacy levels, plus all natural light levels, whilst allowing a view of the outside.

(d) Using the unique zip guide system, plus the IBS lock system, the blinds became part of the overall curtain walling with no light gaps - thereby giving 100% protection. This was no small achievement, since the curtain walling formed a semi circle. All cassette boxes and guides are powder coated to match the existing structure.

(e) Operation is all automatic, including sun sensor, night switch, etcetera. Not bad for a glazed space of 145 square metres!

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