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Bells Bakery - Lazonby, Cumbria

In line with the owner of Bells Bakery, Michael Bell's, belief that only the best produce should go into all his products, it was a natural thought that his new head office in Lazonby should incorporate the very latest in efficiency and comfort for his business operation and staff.

With this in mind, a top team of architects and designers was given the challenge of designing a building giving as much natural daylight and natural air circulation as possible. Of course, a large part of this would be the control of solar heat gain and solar glare.

The architects therefore called in IBS for an initial assessment and recommendations.

In the event, IBS installed electrically operated blinds in a full cassette system, incorporating our super slim-line side guides.


A. a cut in solar glare by up to 85% making life very comfortable for staff.

B. A massive reduction in solar gain, used in conjunction with natural venting, keeping the premises and staff cool when things get hot.

C. Electric operation for ease of use. As a bonus, the blinds act as insect screens during the summer months.

D. A reduction in the building's overall carbon foot print.


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