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Kitchen Complex - Londonderry

Project Requirements: This kitchen upgrade and conversion required the fitting of blinds to south facing windows; and the object of the exercise was to reduce bright sunlight reflecting off stainless steel kitchen equipment.

However, since this was a kitchen environment, interior blinds were not allowed due to hygeine issues.


The solution: We installed external roller blinds in a PVC coated fibreglass fabric. We used this material for both its high tensile strength and high reflective solar properties.

Operation is electric with RF remote switching.


Safety considerations: As a safety precaution against wind damage to the blinds, a wind sensor was connected to all blinds. This sends a signal to the blinds so that they raise when the wind strength increases above a certain level. (The third picture from the top illustrates the wind sensor.)

There is also an optional sun sensor which lowers the blinds when kitchen staff are not in, thus keeping the kitchen cool.



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