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Another project using the IBS/ERCO System

The Audi complex - Sweden (with manufacture & installation by Sun Shading Systems.)

As already mentioned HERE, this system uses just one motor to control the entire blind span. The fabric is in one piece, with no spaces for intermediate brackets, allowing 100% coverage of your windows.

The IBS / ERCO system is designed for installation vertically, or on surfaces with a minimum inclination of 25 degrees, and is ideal for blackout situations, since the construction has few joints.

The Project:

How do you give heat and solar gain protection to a rooflight that's in excess of 30 metres wide x 6 metres drop, at an angle and on a curve.

The Answer:

  • 1 x Roller Blind
  • 1 x Large piece of very special fabric
  • 1 x Special Motor with remote operation
  • Plus the IBS/ERCO team.

The Result:

A massive reduction in solar heat gain, accompanied by a similar reduction in solar glare. All of which results in a more comfortable retailing area, increased sales, and a better environment for staff.

Please note that this installation uses no intermediate guides and no spaces between blinds, which would allow solar heat transfer or glare.

In addition, the project uses just one motor to operate a blind of 180 square metres. (Normally, you would expect to use a minimum of 6 motors for this kind of coverage. Which means reduced wiring and fewer control units.)

If you have a Special Project that is being watered down in design terms, on the grounds that it might be too difficult to achieve, why not give us a call?

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